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Tuesday, September 19th, 2017
4:36 pm
Thursday, January 19th, 2017
3:25 pm
Horror stories and a manga
Hmm... Let's start with Otogi Matsuri becayse, damn. I really liked this manga and was so excited to see it had completed that I restarted reading from the beginning, getting through it in 2 days, and... Meh. I'd still rate it 7/10, but it was 9+/10 for much of it, then it went down to 7.5-8/10, and the last chapter dragged it down extra... Such a shame. Not sure why it sold itself on the deadly monster attacks within 10 pages of starting and then turned into being heavy on the humanoid enemies and death-lite (not to mention an extremely tiresome protagonist-obsessed antagonist). Ugh... What a pity! Also, beware of this upload site and others having 2 chapter 69s instead of chapter 70 ("Hopeless"), though said chapter is on the 'net if you dig for it.

NOW THEN! Onto Bogleech's creepypasta contest, my top 10:

[10] It's All Red (by Sigil): I like the simplicity of this one.
[9] For your notes! (by Carpcave): Weird notes by staff at some sort of weird hospital.
[8] Disaster Park (by Hisham Hasan): A different take on how Frankensteining dinos to life might not work.
[7] The Smell of Rain (by Luna): Fun horror focused around an artist who gets some perfume!
[6] One Thousand and One Frights (by Doctor Wither): How's your knowledge when it comes to various cultures' bogeymen?
[5] The Edge of Time (by Anonymous): Time travel, but with problems I've never heard of before! Such a great idea.
[4] Silk Noose (by Benjamin Lupine): Either a weird, dreamy, horror or a terribly realistic one. Has a sequel, The Silk Sheets, that takes it in the dreamy-horror direction, but I appreciate their being split up.
[3] One-Upping Jeremy (by Alcy W.): Silly and fun but with moments I found genuinely creepy thanks to the motion descriptions.
[2] Mikey (by Anonymous): TMNT-themed horror, pretty unforgettable!
[1] The Last Collection (by J.D. Stroud): An entirely bewitching story of horror in the fashion world.

Growth (about not-normal things going wrong on Mars) and City Diaries: Pigeonhole are also worth a look. They're both by Lunas (Luna Raydue in the case of Pigeonhole), but probably both different Lunas from the author of The Smell of Rain? Hm.
3:24 pm
First link dump of 2017
Pony things (not much, but I skipped a Christmas update):

  • A Very Sombra Christmas: Haha, nice!
  • Whatever Bender: "Just a modest silly NSFW pony ask blog with sketchy animation" sums it up pretty well!
  • Zejgar's Tumblr: Filly silliness!

    Some videos (starting with a couple of music ones):

  • A Charizard and a Dragonite Dancing: Well done, internet!
  • It's Raining Men Remix - The Living Tombstone : No regrets.
  • How to get Motivated: Hm, sounds good!
  • Pine Devil: Short horror animation.
  • Retriever catches taco: Oddly satisfying gif.
  • Game Theory: Is YouTube Killing Pewdiepie and H3H3...and Everyone?: This channel seems cool!
  • Kimi no na wa but everytime the movie sucks it gets faster: Pretty accurate.

    Now more vids and some articles about political and educational stuff:

  • Human Population Through Time: Educational and interesting!
  • Overpopulation – The Human Explosion Explained: On the topic of that last vid, putting it more in perspective.
  • My choice to live child-free | Christen Reighter: Well said!
  • Male Celebrities Answers Questions that Female Celebrities Get Asked: Ha, some of them just seem kind of flattered!
  • If Male Athletes Were Asked Questions Aimed at Female Athletes: Yeah, it is pretty weird.
  • IBM’s Watson gives proper diagnosis for Japanese leukemia patient after doctors were stumped for months: The future!
  • FERTILIZATION MISS-UNDERSTOOD: Cool article about how the egg is not passive in the fertilisation process, and that science has know this for a while despite the common depiction of the egg as just waiting for a sperm to come and 'win'.


  • MagicaVoxel: A more user-friendly version of Voxel, rather intuitive and quite a lot of fun!
  • Quick, Draw!: Basically, play Pictionary with an AI experiment. It's getting better!
  • Lost Constellation: One of the free-to-play games on the linked site, a fun little game with a strange plot and fun dialogue.
  • Tuesday, September 20th, 2016
    11:02 pm
    Manga review out of 5!
    Woo, gonna be good to clear this text file! Irritatingly, I started this list off as being out of 5 even though I prefer to rate out of 10, and then kept to it... What a pain! Ah well. Done at last. Some I could get into so little that I didn't bother (e.g. Ao No Exorcist, Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan, Persona), but mostly this covers what I wanted it to.


    Nobody's perfect! This said, I see that Otogi Matsuri's done, so I'm going to read the whole thing from the beginning to enjoy its complete self, plus I mean to catch up on Genjuu no Seiza and Berserk sometime, so... There are some mentions for staying power!


  • Bradherley no Basha: The plot has young teens being raped to death as a key part but the art's rarely explicit (and only in early chapters). After that, you get to see different angles of how the institutionalised practice affects different people. It's a sad tragedy well-told.
  • Reikan Shouhou Kabushikigaisha: By the delightful Akino Matsuri, this is a set of short ghosty stories centred around the fix-all protagonist, a substitute teacher! His other job is fixing ghost issues. The character lots are a bit samey (so many schoolgirl victims), but the emotional tone of the stories is very well done (as I expect from this author) and I enjoyed it a lot. The last chapter I know of (21, from 2009) was pretty silly, but generally. Need something cheerful on the higher side of this list, after all, so 9/10!


  • Kamisama no Iutoori (Fujimura Akeji): Fun so far; a bored student starts a normal when his teacher's head suddenly explodes! After that it's a classic schoolyard game with a deadly twist and things just get stranger...! The school arc finishes quickly (in the 5 chapters so far) so it'll be interesting to see what's next.
  • Kigata Ga Kita Kyoufu: A schoolboy has a series of occult prophecies to prevent. 2 hopeful chapters so far! Seems silly but with a big dose of imagination, and how often do we get evil spirits of objects in these? [Update: Stayed cool but looks abandoned. Still, chapter 3's fun!]
  • Mirai Nikki: A fairly solid 4/5, though the ending was a bit of a mess. Also, they often seem to forget that their future-predicting phone-diaries can also be used as normal phones... Weird! Still, a fun premise that moves along quite quickly and offers a fair amount of variety.
  • Muhyo to Rouji: Well, this was an interesting read! At first I was put off by the art, but I stuck with it for the monster designs and overall enjoyed it. It goes into a big story arc around the middle where my enjoyment definitely decreased...
    The "teach people by refusing to teach them" thing bugs me, especially when it's eager pupils who just want a push in the right direction, plus the main characters of the arc were MORE cliché than many of the one-shot characters, too - why so many sickly mothers? The long arc suffered badly from no one dying (and as a result, "too many characters"), too. Not quite sure why it got MORE like that as it went along, but it made the long arc turn into a bit of a trudge with samey routines for all the baddies. HAPPILY it then finished with a smaller "big story" that was much faster and, while it seemed to set lots more stuff up, it then ended. Hm! Still, a better note to end on, I think. A pretty decent series! Oh, and a bonus to humour = The regular use of "fap" as a sound effect.
  • Ousama Game (Renda Hitori): Exciting! Kids start getting texts from the mysterious "King" to carry out tasks (student A kiss student B etc) that are raising in seriousness and, end of chapter one, looks like the stakes are high! It'd like Battle Royale with clearer instructions and the whole class being informed of what's happening. Woo!
  • Portus (Abe Jun): Cursed video game plot and a fairly cliché story, but it has some great imagery to go with it! Basically, while it may be nothing much new, it is well done.
  • No Dog No Life (Kurita Yuugo): A set of (dog) bestiality stories starring mostly zoophiliacs. Some cute/touching moments even though I couldn't read it!
  • Sweet, Sweet Bunny: Cracked me up! Um... 4/5. It's short and funny! To me, at least.


  • Arcana (Anthology) A mixture of stories by a mixture of authors, all in bunches following a vague theme. The mood between stories can hop about a LOT, with one containing murder, madness, and rape, and others with goofy monsters and silly humour. Still, a fun read overall! I especially liked Gold*March, The Grateful Crane, and the odd little parody fairy tale, The Prince is a Herbivore. Many rubbish and mediocre ones too, though, so. 7/10!
  • Ateya no Tsubaki: Busty lady looks into crimes, with added supernatural elements! Consists of 3 main mysteries, the first being interesting, the second very tragic (and interesting, this alone I'd give 9/10), and third... Kind of dumb. Not awful, but still. 3.5/5.
  • Necromancer: Set in a German-speaking area, this is about... A necromancer! He can resurrect someone for the price of 3 years of life. Some of the stories are definitely better than others (pfft, chapter 11), and I feel the last (main) story arc lacked the charm of some of the others, but it was still readable. Stolas' true form is a cutie, too!
  • Scary Book (Kazuo Umezu): Anti-climactic in parts but still intriguing! Second story is mostly better other than going on a bit but nevermind. Recommended if you have time and want some mildly cheesy but pleasant horror!
  • Tenchi Shinmei: A rather damsel-in-distress protagonist gets (repeatedly) saved by a lighting (probably meant "lightning") god with a cat form who powers up with kisses. It's not great, but it's not bad! Shame that it seems to have been abandoned after 4 chapters. This also got me to look up the thunder spirit "Raijuu" and realise it's the inspiration for both Raichu and Tiger of the Wind (and surely others)! Neat.


  • Antlion VS BaraBara Girl (Kago Shintaro): I didn't have my hopes up but this time Kago has some interesting ideas to go with the general wackiness.
  • Akumetsu: A high school guy takes on corrupt businessmen (very much all men) using a liberal application of murder. Sadly, beyond the nice art and interesting angle I don't have much good to say about this! Its slow pacing and repetitive nature made it very un-gripping, and though I skim-read to chapter 45, I realised this goes on for 162 of them and gave up there! The dialogue's almost all from internal monologue, official meetings, and dramatic scenes, the bad guys are bad (and guys), the good people have families, the female characters are very backgroundy (even the main one) and get little time to shine, and the hero wins a lot. The whole "murder" thing isn't just brushed over, which is nice, and the twist for how the hero manages is an interesting one, but... So repetitive. Still, I didn't make it through the whole thing and it's possible it stepped up its game somewhere past the 1000 page mark, so. 6/10!
  • Dekisokonai no Monogatari: Weird, dreamy, little piece about young people trying to escape capture. I was pointed towards this by a chapter in the Necromancer manga and, while it's very different, it is still intriguing.
  • Dorohedoro: Set in a twisted world where magic-users are out mutilating and transforming each other and non-magic-users, and it gets off to a cool start with all the weird edginess, but sadly my interest in it waned after a few chapters. Definitely worth a look if you're into plots with twisted mutilation though!
  • Hideout: Not much at the moment but definite potential! A man plans to kill his wife but it's not all going as expected...!
  • Kaeri Michi: Lacking atmosphere but only 6 pages. Two brothers talk about the shadowy door that seems to follow them.
  • Mahoushoujo Madoka Magica: Skim-read the start before getting into it. We have magical girls fighting "witches" (dark spirits) and a cute thing helping them. 'Cept he's more than a little suspicious. Fitting twists lead to a cheesy but satisfying end.
  • Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro: The solutions were a bit too silly for me and so I didn't read much of this, but I like the murder-solving-demon/child-duo premise, and the creepy moments (especially the faces) are nicely drawn!
  • Neo Devilman: Monsters! Merging-type demons! A few especially awesome designs (looking at you, snake-tortoise), some nice monster girls (Sphinx is cool), plus a parade of weirdos at the start of volume 3, and many Power-Rangers-esque things. Not a bad mix! Still, the cheesy writing and plot... Eh. Volume 2's first story (and to a lesser extent volume 3's first, too) are highlights, and some bits of the story stand out (e.g. female-on-male sexual assault is taken seriously), but largely cheesy and unsatisfying.


  • Dark Age (Azuma Kenji): Decent art but very samey stories.
  • Doctor Du Ming: Artsy, angsty, edgy. Also, dreary! Interesting art style (noses in manga, gasp) but the story's the old "everyone's sexually corrupted, especially men" world following some miserable people along. At least it's short.
  • Figuisch (Ohkoshi Koutaruo): Much wackiness and then 2 lengthy stories. Didn't much appeal to me but the lack of English dialogue may have been the cause of that.
  • Hidarite: About a little boy in a hospital. Has some nice atmosphere but overall the story's rather silly and abrupt. Still, only 16 pages.
  • Higanjima: Well, this was was annoying. It really got itself together and became quite an intriguing horror by about chapter 30, playing more on the horror of the frailty of human nature, but... That did NOT last. Sadly fell apart after vampires got more monstrous. After that, the repeated clichés were dull, especially the fights. Inconsistent sizes, populations, expansions, assets, and more, all as required, too. Don't expect anything from the female character, either: I quickly went from "why's she dating him" to "eesh, why aren't they ALL wanting to date him?" to "how in the world do they put up with this useless excuse for a human?" (don't get your hopes up when she's one of the only ones smart enough to bring weapons, either, she hasn't fought ONCE in 113 chapters). Also, the artist struggles with faces. A lot. And if you decide to read this manga anyway, I hope you like pictures of clothed people pissing themselves. Look out for people winning at sushi!
  • Mint de Kiss Me: 4 chapters mostly of fluffy romance stuff (ignoring #2's gore). Weird stories but overall I found it lacking charm, apart from the third chapter (with a literal charm) that was a little bit more fun but still... Mneh. If you like quirky romance then maybe, otherwise I won't recommend it.
  • Otome no Gei (Kesshousui): Some mostly-similar women being tortured/killed in some unusual ways. Mostly unsexual. Not too exciting.
  • Otome no Oshuu (Kesshousui): Some crazy scat/toilet stuff at the start, but then it gets much more repetitive.


  • Migiko Nippon Ichi: "Notice me, Sakon." 3 short chapters of a silly love story (that has kind of a disappointing end), this manage goes onto kind of a miserable short horror story instead. Hm. Nothing hugely special here, which is a shame as the art's not bad... Ah well.
  • Night Walker: Neko-folk and serial killers. Also, an iffy art style, a very rushed story, and lots of clichés in just 37 pages. I won't keep an eye on this one...


  • Mizu no Yakata: Use your tiny hands for eating! ...But yeah, this was just a very sad ghost story with an awful gimmick pulled right at the end, ugh. Nope, not recommending this!
  • Shokeidai no Otome (Kesshousui): Maybe it's because the only thing I liked about Otome no Gei was the imagination, but this felt really bland. Some camp nowhere where they torture/kill girls. More sexual. Not interesting.

    Random notes I've made:

  • Reptilia is impossible to find... Looks like cliché art though, so maybe it's okay I miss it.
  • Hysteric Alive (Akow Kazumi) = Cool spider woman
  • Himitsu no Hanran (Kakinomoto Utamaro) = Weird bunny-eared bat-mantis male!

    As a bonus, some ANIME!

  • Bakemonogatari: A very strong edge of artsy around stories about mythological creatures. The artsy pacing annoyed me but it was done very well and, while I didn't like most of the characters very much, the one I did like gave strong feels in the last eps. About 6/10 for personal enjoyment, but 7.5/10 because it is very nicely done.
  • Kyou Kara Maou (AKA "Kyo Kara Maoh"): I had SOOO much fun watching this! R and 3rd season less so (especially the last few eps of the latter) but it is very much worth checking out! It even subtly mocks itself in places, making its few bad and cheesy points easier to handle. 9/10!
  • Planetes: I made it to episode 17 before giving up and kind of regret it. It has some cheesy-but-nice moments among its black-and-white morals, simplistic future predictions, outdated gender norms, and forced shocks/feels, but it really goes bad around the time the main 2 hook up, whereupon he gets worse and she gets bland. Ugh. 3/10.
  • Tsuritama: Cute and funny start but not so much for the end.
  • WataMote: Quite sad, wish it had ended on a nicer note! 7.5/10.

    Also, as a weird bonus... A yokai/mythology (as-in-manga) list! Not sure why I bothered, and it's not very uniform, so I'll make it small. I think it was going to be an easily-searchable personal list at first? Or maybe for maybe adding to a Yokai-listing site at a later date? Either way, it was a bit of fun and I'm done with it now.

  • The 99-Legged Bug = Worm that "possesses babies and such and meaninglessly irritates them" and seems like a "white bug" that emerges from the hand/palm/fingertip, cause of domestic violence - Hell Teacher Nube (volume 1, chapter 1)
  • Akai chanchanko/The Red Vest = In school restroom hear a voice talking about a red vest, it gets irritated, comes and kills you by cutting your neck = Hell Teacher Nube (chapter 9)
  • Amphisbaena = Two-headed reptilian, links to the real-world amphisbaenia, here depicted as a two-headed ouroborous-esque winged snake biting its necks to make a ring so that either way it rolls is "forwards". Here said to represent "possibility". - Necromancer (Vol 2, Ch 6)
  • Chirei AKA seirei = Spirits of the land - Ghost Hunt (chapter 1)
  • Fukurai Case = Assistant professor at Teiou University did "some phony open experiment" on clairvoyance, 2 of the 3 women involved died, 1 (Mifune Chizuko) from suicide and the other Nagao Ikuko got ill from anxiety and died, both having had a lot of criticism and slander from the experiment. - Mouryou no Hako (Vol 1, Ch 3) by Kyougoku Natsuhiko
  • Hanako of the toilet = Spirit of a girl in the last toilet, found by staying late in the school - (Hell Teacher Nube, thingy detective much more)
  • Hatamonba = Blade wheel troll, spilling guts, beheads - Hell Teacher Nube (chapter 8)
  • Hatena = Forest spirits/protectors, forest guardians, prey on wanderers, shown as a multitude of mostly humanoid creatures. - Death Trance
  • Hirasaka = Entrance to Yomi, the underworld - Honegoe Monogatari (Vol 1, Ch 1) by Akisawa Matsuki
  • Japanese saying that as long as someone believes in it it's real = "Even the head of a saury can be a charm against evil if you believe in it" (saury=sardine?) - Mouryou no Hako (Vol 1, Ch 3) by Kyougoku Natsuhiko
  • Jibakurei = Human spirits trapped in a location because of an event Ghost Hunt (chapter 1)
  • Jingi (4 spirit weapon creatures that possess humans) exist to defeat the Kenzoku (dangerous spirits/yokai) - Otogi Matsuri
  • Jizou Gyaku = "Low-class oni of Sai no Kawara" = TN: "Jizougyaku" lit translation is "The Tyrannizing Jizou" with "Jizou" connecting to Ksitigarbha, the bodhisattva who looks over children in the underworld - Hell Teacher Nube (chapter 2)
  • Kageguchi = Possesses female gossips - Hell Teacher Nube (chapter 3)
  • Kamigurui = Insane spirit, turned into if touched by a god, speaks words of a demon; alt suggestion that joking about the "Kagome Kagome" song turns you into one - Forest of Lore/Lore no Mori
  • Kami wo kure/Give me 'kami' = School at night, guard doing rounds hears an urgent voice asking for paper; guard gives paper, blood-soaked woman appears and shouts "not this paper, your hair!" grabs onto their hair and drags them into urinal
  • Kasen - Flower-based. Poem (Renga) or possibly a flower-spirit - Tousei Gensou Hakubutsushi( volume 1, chapter 4)
  • Kimon = The "unlucky" direction from which oni enter (in chapters means direction of a building). = "The front door faces the direction of the sheep and monkey where evil enters! Evil flows in and passes here, it has no place to go so it remains, then demons spring from the kimon" - Mouryou no Hako (Vol 1, Ch 2) by Kyougoku Natsuhiko
  • Kimori = Sentourei that causes heart troubles = TN: Lit translation is "live raccoon" and "sentourei" is "assisting spirit" - Hell Teacher Nube (pilot)
  • Koredo = "A demon that seizes those who love to sing and dance, and makes them dance until madness" (with puppeteer themes in the manga) - Necromancer (Vol 3, Ch 12)
  • Madara-sama = Human-headed snake mountain god, big, male, "Four Headed Python" (god of 4 peaks)
  • Namazu Ohnishiki = Catfish ghost earthquake causer, 4 legs, newt, amphibian, fish - Otogi Matsuri
  • Remugyo = Gulper mouth eel - Hell Teacher Nube (chapter 15)
  • Ryoumensukuna - "Oni that inhabits both sides" - Aratama Tribe (volume 1, chapter 2)
  • Seiryu = Azure dragon that rules over the Eastern heavens? - Otogi Matsuri
  • Shiroi te/The White Hand = Brushes bum whilst on toilet, look and see a blue-white hand, catches you as you try to run, dragged into toilet - Hell Teacher Nube (chapter 9)
  • Shishin = 4 gods that rule over the four directions - Otogi Matsuri
  • Shugorei = Guardian spirit - Hell Teacher Nube (chapter 4)
  • Teketeke = Spirit of girl split in half in the station, searches for legs, may pull people in, moves on elbows, named after sound - Hell Teacher Nube (chapter 18, and another)
  • Yokai of Mutsukabezaka = Pretends to be human, "dies" in front of someone who will then work to hide/preserve (?) the body. Reproduces via this method. - Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Mutsukabezaka (Vol 1, Ch 1) by Araki Hirohiko
  • Tuesday, August 30th, 2016
    4:16 pm
    Link-dump pages are so useful!
    REVIEW TIME! Mushi-Shi is a lovely, slow-paced, anime featuring Mushi: strange single-celled-organism-like fairy creatures that share our existence in a barely-overlapping way. The show focuses on a Mushi-Shi who goes around investigating and, where possible, solving mushi-related issues. It has plenty of sad endings as well as not-quite-happy ones, though some happy moments too. It's really rather nice! This said, I STRONGLY recommend watching it at 2x (at least 1.5x) speed if that's an option, because it is REALLY slow-paced. Sadly, this currently stops me watching more than S1, but I'm still happy to recommend this enchanting weirdness. 8.5/10!

    ART - (Remember when this was an art blog?)

  • Paperholm: Awesome papercraft town that's slowly growing (includes some stop-start animation)...!
  • Disney Jedi: Cool set of princesses as Jedi!
  • ROBOT DERPY! Looks so cool!
  • Paperholm: Awesome papercraft town that's slowly growing (includes some stop-start animation)...!


  • Performance Anxiety: Cute comic on OhJoySexToy.
  • Joan Cornella's comics: Weird and distinctive!

    Will they come back? (Comics I liked that seem to have stopped)

  • Amazing Super Powers: Cool style and the best extra panels ("?" in the top right), which it was doing before the still-cool Channelate.
  • Liz Climo: Cute comics (mostly 1-2 panels) about cute animals. Says it'll be back but isn't there yet!
  • Goatheart Comics: Found it at the start of its break and now the site's gone and there's still nothing new...
  • Plastic Kings: This was good but no updates in a long while. I wish I knew how it would have ended!

    PONY (mostly vids)

  • Elements of Cringe: The Meeting: Funny, weird, short about a pony trying to get his theory listened to.
  • Spies among us: Cute animation of a changeling in Ponyville!
  • SFM] [PMV] OWL CITY - Vanilla Twilight: Vinyl sings to Octavia, 's nice!
  • The Cutie Re-Mark Prequel: Funny animation of Starlight breaking into Canterlot library.
  • Doors 2 [SFM Ponies]: Interesting!

    Also, a FIC! The Joy of Garbage: One of my pictures inspired an awesome short story!


  • Hydraulic Press Channel: Linked the fruit salad one, but generally this is a great set of YouTube channel!
  • CommunityChannel: Funny YouTube channel! Linking to Umbrella/Baby Stress.
  • How To Edit A Video In SEVEN EASY Steps!! (Regret may vary..): Ahh, forcing work.
  • Sword Art Online IN 5 MINUTES: Funny summary!


  • Shia LaBeouf: Excellent internet moment! WATCH IT!!!
  • NUT: Otamatone song!
  • The Ballad of Sadie and Ellen: That frivolous strumpet! It's a paper puppet show story.
  • Pokémon Red & Blue Opening | Orchestral Cover: Neat!

    Operettas count, right? ...LOpSoc presents: The Pirates of Penzance (2014) is the one I was in!


  • Shapecatcher: Recognises shapes, e.g. letters! Handy!
  • World Maps Without New Zealand: I... Wow! (Don't miss this post!)>
  • Blitzortung: "Network for lightning and thunderstorms in real time"!
  • Visuwords: Maps word connections, and you can drag them about. I'm linking to "horse", give it a go!
  • Sporkle: Entertaining quiz site.

    MISC (bits of mythology)

  • Mythical 16th-century disease critters: Look at these delightful weirdos!
  • SurLaLune Fairy Tales: Collection of fairy tales.
  • Yokai.com: An attempt to catalogue all yokai (including background character ones from animes, from what I've heard).
  • Fallen London: Interesting browser game, mostly text-based with a few images (a bit like Neopets minus the pet theme), worth a look.
  • Board Game Arena: If you want to try/play board games online! ...I feel it's not as fun as face-to-face myself, but in theory it should be a good way to try before you buy...
  • Is It Cos I Is Black?: An episode I caught and then couldn't refind for a while. It was good!

    Note to self: "Himekishi Lilia" is the name of the hentai anime with the demonic frog tentacle-sex scene.
  • Monday, February 22nd, 2016
    12:00 am
    My Top 10 of Bogleech's Creepy Pasta Cookoff 2015
    All entries and the official top 10 winners here.

    I read them all and am opinionated though, so here are my picks!

    1. FRIDGE PROBLEMS (by Charred Newt): Some strange events told in a fairly everyday manner. Several of this year's entries had protagonists who just got on with life, which I like, and I this one does it particularly well.
    2. SWEET, SWEET DISCOUNT CANDY (by Stickydot): A humorous short about someone who is picking up some discount candy in November. This makes sense!
    3. TROPICALORIES (by HISHAM H.): A more serious-toned horror, I think this does a good job of capturing the feel of the area as it tells its strange little story. The dynamics between the characters work well and, generally, it's a nice story to read. It was this or "INSTRUCTIONS AND RULES" here because I didn't want 3 entries by the same author, and, much as I enjoyed that entry, I think this one's a better story.
    4. KREBS: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE (by Rachel): I really love how "helpful" step 1 is, and the rest follows from it well.
    5. DAYMARISH (by The Album Atrium): A weird one that does a good job of wrapping Wonderland-type weirdness together, as well as some puns! It's an enjoyable read.
    6. THE CONE (by HISHAM H.): This short story will have you scrolling through its single-sentence paragraphs, quickly taking you down the page to the end of the story. This works very well with the theme!
    7. FOOTPRINTS (by Phosphenes): A simple little story, but the twist caught me offguard, which doesn't happen often. It's very short, too, so definitely worth a look!
    8. RED IS MY COLOUR (by Peter Allan): A short comic! It wasn't until the last panel that what was happening clicked, but I like that about it, and the art's rather lovely!
    9. HOT COFFEE (by LMTYL): The main reason this is in my top 3 is because the ending gave me feel genuinely eerie feel, especially its second-to-last sentence. It's subtle, but, for me, it worked.
    10. MONSTERBATER (by Ben Aron): I have to make this my #1. I adore this crazy story of crazy porn and, though I was trying to be quiet as one of my friends was working in the same room, I laughed enough to get a weird look. If you like weird porn (even if you just like to laugh at it) then you should check this out.

    Now, in no particular order, 5 honourable mentions that also stuck out in their own ways:
    Sunday, February 21st, 2016
    11:42 pm
    What time is it? Eventual update time!
    Look how happy this food is to be ready for eating in OrangeCircle's Rice Buddy Town pic! It even has a little spot-stuff list for added fun, wooo!


  • The Adventures of DICK HARDBOILED in Neo Noir Dark Noir City: SO MUCH YES! I love it when film noir gets mocked.
  • The world according to Cedric: A Filly fanfic that is, sadly, no longer updating. It features a quite-accurate me though!
  • VoxelBuilder: I made a silly pony. And then I was told that MagicaVoxel is a much better version, ooh!


  • The Adventures of Business Cat: So cat.
  • Oh Joy Sex Toy: Reviews for sex toys, lube, and other sexy stuff, in comic form!
  • Goat Heart Comics: More comics! Here's an example!
  • Spanking Toons: Drawn images of adult women being humiliated, largely by being treated as if they were children. Regularly NSFW.


  • TheHorseWife: Adorable pony-wife!
  • The Royal Sketchbook: A gorgeous MLP comic, currently going through Celestia and Luna's origin story, with them currently as earth ponies, much yes!
  • Ask Dream Luna: Lusty Luna ask blog!
  • InLucideReverie's art: Some NSFW, lots pretty!

  • MLP Magic Inside Realistic Version: Hooves v piano!
  • My Little Doomsday: Applecrack: Applejack turns to drug dealing. Funny cartoon!
  • GRAND WORLD HORSEFIGHTING TOURNAMENT: Silly cartoon with fighting ponies.
  • [MLP:FIM] Deleted Scenes: That Sweetie Belle moment!

  • Dramatic Reading: Silli Hoss, What Do #1: Gasp! One of my comics!
  • MLP Comic Dub: 'Lightning Dust Visits' (Sad): Gasp! Another of my comics!


  • Mog's Christmas Calamity: Sainsbury's 2015 Christmas ad. I love it.
  • Ashen's Tech Dump - Retro Games: Funny fake retro game review that I couldn't find a few months ago.
  • Why STAR WARS The Force Awakens is Worse than the Prequels: I thought the new film was okay but I agree with the points this raises. Also, not enough beasties!
  • Undertale Universe: Cool little animation of the Undertale characters in a Steven-Universe-type opening!


  • "Let It Go" from Frozen according to Google Translate: It's good, her other translate vids too!
  • Disney's Frozen Let It Go (Otamatone Cover by NELSONTYC): I think it's funny.
  • Undertale Temmie get money for colege(Better): Temmie is the best bit of Undertale.


  • The Holy Quran Experiment: Quotes from a Bible disguised as a Qur'an.
  • Tenaflyviper's anti-anti-Brony rant: Stereotypes are silly.
  • Monday, November 23rd, 2015
    4:45 pm
    Late Halloween update 2015
    Not that I had much specifically for Halloween, ah well! Some cool art, plus many other links (including some I meant to link ages back).

    Before we get going, let's start with Natural collagen (by Etheraiel), which is a neat pic of a face and a leaf. It's not Halloweeny but it's cool.


  • Pumpkin carving by Sheharzad-Arshad: Little horror pic (they've also done relaxing arty stuff like this)

  • Gloom82's DeviantArt: One of those wrinkly, haunting, artstyles.

  • RustyCroutons's DeviantArt: One of those eerie, wandering, artstyles.

  • Uzumaki is Magic: Uzumaki with a hint of Twilight and Pinkie from MLP!


  • Demon's Mirror: A FINISHED COMIC of a woman's ordeals as she tries to save her (male) friend!
  • Dorris McComics: Been a while since I linked a really weird set of comics, hasn't it? They're fun, check 'em out!

    + 1-shots
  • Doodles in textbooks V hard work on expensive paper: Artist feels
  • 7 Inanimate Objects That Are Actively Plotting Against Us: Silly set of little comics!

    + Deathbulge example comics
  • Two identical cat pictures (Deathbulge): Ha, smart!
  • Compliments and (Deathbulge): Truth.
  • A dragon is awoken (Deathbulge):
  • Cool bit of the movie: Especially the extra punchline (hold your cursor over the image).


  • Canadian Horse Pirates: Fun animation with song!
  • Good Morning Baltimare: BronyCon ad with song and animation!
  • Derp Face: Derpy song!
  • Pony of Wisdom [Animation]: Hab-a-da.
  • A Colt Classic: MLP animation with dark humour!
  • [SFM] Scoots nighmare terror [Halloween special]: Flutterbat and Scoot music vid, pretty cool!
  • IT'S MUFFIN TIME!: Pony version!
  • Really, there are a lot of orphans and fire in here: Silly MLP story with crazy Lyra!


  • British people and sunny weather: Pretty accurate!
  • Too Many Cooks: Weirdness in the form of intro parodies.
  • Real Life Mortal Kombat Fatalities: Nicely done!
  • Kunt and the Gang - That's Why I'm Voting UKIP: Funny and irritatingly catchy.


  • Freak Kitchen - Freak of the Week: Great animated metal music vid! Not great lyrics, but look at their beautiful Disney hair!
  • Die Young: Fan-animated vid, colourful and with furries!
  • KLINGON STYLE (Star Trek Parody of PSY - GANGNAM STYLE): Also nicely done!


  • WTF is Cultural Appropriation: "You're allowed to like stuff" - Yes.
  • Of women in armour: Many points in the links, too, but the pic's good.
  • I don't like Sadie: Neither do I for much the same reasons.


  • Jar Jar Binks was a trained Force user...: Great fan theory!
  • "Obi Wan Kenobi is a sith lord": Makes sense!
  • Finurlig: Cute clay critter by ClayLady!
  • Manatee Superheroes: Like you've always wanted!
  • Mo Farah running away from things: Tumblr silliness!
  • Monday, August 10th, 2015
    10:30 pm
    Niceness, comics, vids, deep dreams, MLPony, and more!

  • Emm's Positivity Blog: Calming.
  • Pronoiac Murmurs: Also calming, but few updates.
  • Boggle!: Boggle is an owl who is concerned about people who think sad things. Lots of encouragement and such illustrated with a little owl! Linking to the one that's been shared around a lot lately.


  • Extra Fabulous Comics: Quite PBF-y comics!
  • Domics: Some comics!
  • Dog's zombie-apocalypse experience: Feelsy comic that I linked before but that link broke.
  • Edgeworth is summoned: Short comic.


  • Breakfast: We Have A Dinosaur begins!
  • Starship Icarus (ep 1): Funny little scifi parody by Cracked!
  • Steadfast Stanley: ~4min animation about a chubby dog during the apocalypse. Cute!
  • Paper Parkour: Live-action animation done with paper!
  • Playtime with Ozzy the Weasel: Weasel playing! Aww!
  • Fox cub bark: Just a cute gif!
  • Things to do with Guinea Pigs: Silly, but I liked it.
  • Best of French Animation: Some French animations! Octopus one is cute.

    Music-focused vids

  • Ladybaby: Music vid with Ladybeard! J-pop metal!
  • Cat singing rock: A must-see!
  • Bird singing rock: Bird version of the cat one!

    Deep Dreams (How the image-recognition software "sees" the images.)

  • Google Deep Dream: I gave Google's Deep Dream a pic of Applejack playing with Winona and it corrected Winona's anatomy and drew a silly dog face on Applejack's hair. Perfect!
  • Rodney Matthews' "The Finale"
  • A hare jumping (3 poses)
  • Doctor Whooves


  • Tatzljack: Goin' after an apple!
  • [SFM] Five Nights at Freddy's (Official video) [60FPS, FullHD]: Nicely done vid, plus I like the song!
  • Let's Have a Battle (Hard Rock Cover) by Draconequus: Nice!
  • SombraShy: A Sombra/Fluttershy shipping tumblr. Pretty and plot-focused!
  • Out of Context MLP: Funny out-of-context MLP screenshots and gifs!
  • Derpy plays a bard (Pathfinder): Cute pic by Jittery-the-Dragon!
  • Powder Keg's toy box: NSFW pony Tumblr!
  • #BitchQueenUnicorn: Famosity's gallery has many MLPonies, horses, fanart, and fantasy!


  • Jurassic World zookeeper meme: Love it!
  • Isometric Food Cubes: Image, plus some info about it. Looks so tasty!
  • Answer: A very, very, short sci-fi story by Fredric Brown that is nonetheless better than most films with this plot.
  • Toki Pona Classic Word List: A simple language, if you want to learn it!
  • GardenDicks: An Etsy seller offering phallic garden statues. Handy!
  • 10:22 pm
    A couple of anime reviews

    I ended up with 2 animes about demon-hunters, partly by coincidence (though demons and monsters are a good way to get me to look at stuff) and they have a surprisingly large number of shared themes given the very different feels, plus I ended up watching the two together, so the reviews can come as a pair!

    Kyoukai no Kanata: 5/10

    Accidentally came across this one and was intrigued by the premise, and eventually I got around to giving it a try. Despite its more serious art style and regular angsty themes, I'd say it's less dark than Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou, but it certainly has its moments! I'd say episode 6 is its highlight: While generally pretty silly, it ends with a little musical number that sums up the characters coming together with symbolism, flashbacks to scenes we didn't see, lyrics, music, and dance! Pretty clever. I think the ending was disappointing and things didn't quite tie up as neatly as I'd have liked, but I still found it watchable.

    Also, I'm not a big fan of this kind of violence as comedy, and it was particularly jarring in the last couple of eps (mother-abuse, erp).

    Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou: 6/10

    Cutesier art style and voices contrast nicely with a much darker reality than Kyoukai no Kanata. I see it as having clear influence from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but it caught me by surprise. More cliché "gritty" themes appear towards the end, and the design of the tarot cards is very samey (plus the subs I had didn't translate most of the cards), meaning I probably lost out on some symbolism... Oh well!

    This series also has a big variety of character attacks that aren't really touched upon in any way but look cool. Yay!

    Was pretty disappointed that its special episode was a flashback to already-covered events that I didn't really care about rather than a fun romp carrying on from the end of the previous episode. Oh well...

    Joint pros: Imaginative demon designs! I really like the habbit of animes to use the theme song for a big finale moment too.

    Joint cons: Bunch of clichés and rather disappointing endings, boo.

    Also watching Gegege no Kitaro (which is also about protecting humanity from demons, ha), which has the most fun theme! Seems only eps 1-13 and 20 of the '60s show are subbed at the moment, but that's something!
    Thursday, February 5th, 2015
    1:14 am
    The link dump of early 2015
    Peppa Pig and Suzie Sheep whistle is a moment of comedic genius!

    Comics: Multi-parters

  • Paranatural: Fun comic about people who can see the spirit world!
  • Lizclimo's comics: Because cuteness. Talking sharks, penguins, and more!
  • Dorkly.com: Nerdy comics from various artists!
  • Mercworks: Dave Mercier's comics.
  • Molgh.com: Found a source for that gory tricycle comic I posted before!
  • Customer Service Wolf: Customer service rants (by the staff) done with animals. Linking "First Date" because cute.

    Comics: One-shots/Examples

  • Skeletons to the rescue!
  • Be good to each other, folks, because this could happen: Truth.
  • Owning a Pokemon vs. Owning a Real Pet: D'aww.
  • Batman's origins: Supes has a point.
  • Gaming then and now: Sadly kind of true...
  • The reworded Spider-Man comics: In case anyone missed them.

    Bit o' Manga Rating

    Now that Sankarea has ended: A final score of 7/10, I think. Interestingly done with some fun characters and certainly worth a look! Shame about the ending though (pulled off a perfect one that would have been poor for the series, but the actual ending wasn't nearly as satisfying).

    Meanwhile, at 3/10: Kirihito Sanka. Tries to tell a gallant story but it's far too drawn-out with samey characters, plus its pandering to ethnic and sexual stereotypes ("rich" ethnicities are prone to be cruel for politics while "poor" ethnicities are prone to be cruel due to ignorance, and women are pure or broken whilst men are corrupt or broken). It doesn't take long until the mystery of the disease is lost and you're just waiting for the initial character dilemmas to finally be settled, and you're in for a long wait followed by disappointing crap, so honestly it's not worth it. Also, in parts, the story of corrupt politics were less credible than the turns-you-into-a-furry disease. Well, at least, I hope you couldn't really kidnap an adult and clearly-objecting woman in a taxi in Japan...

    Music vids!

  • Everyone is lonely: Niceness vid!
  • Cameron's Conference Rap: Cassetteboy's vid!
  • Horses Are Sexy: Oh my goodness, Robot Chicken!
  • Crazy Chinese music video: The sheep-men really add to it!


  • 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Lost Dog”: ALL MY FEELS!
  • World Hacks: Wait, what?
  • Who stole Paris Eiffel Tower: More clever vids from Demir Alkanlar!
  • Fantastic Features We Don't Have In The English Language: Tom Scott does interesting vids on language and the future!
  • Ball - Sprackle the Unicorn: Haha, silly Sprackle! CARTOON!
  • The Eevee Song: A Pokemon Jazz Number (Feat. Dodger): Catchy Jessica-Rabbit style Eevee song!
  • Jim Carrey's Commencement Address at the 2014 MUM Graduation: Inspiring Jim Carrey speech!
  • Fik-Shun | FRONTROW | World of Dance Las Vegas 2014: Pretty weird ("glitchy") dance style!
  • The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas: Economy lessons with cute cartoon hoofed-types!
  • Assassin's Kitty Unity: Assassins Creed kittens!
  • Pallus's cat finds camera: This vid is pretty much everything I wanted from it. It should also be noted that Pallus's cats have awesome faces.
  • Fighting zombies with style: Nice.
  • Master Ice Cream man: Skill!
  • Strobe-Animated sculptures: Cool!
  • Peppa Pig and Suzie Sheep whistle: Linking twice in 1 post because it's a must!
  • "It's just a mask" compilation: Keep an eye out for CatFat's bizarre contribution!


  • Worst Cats: An amazing tumblr dedicated to terrible cats.
  • La-Nita's tumblr: Cute art! Expect MLP, Adventure Time, Invader Zim, and more!
  • Yuki119's tumblr: Pretty boy art, most SFW. They ship RinRei, best of the Free ships!
  • Together no matter what: Cute pics of Phoenix and Edgeworth together. SFW.
  • Dancing gay lawyers: R63 Edgeworth and Phoenix dance! SFW.
  • GIGABLOG: Photosets of someone playing with their toys. It's cool though!
  • The captioned adventures of George Washington: Like lolcats but with more history!
  • At an airport gate they called for "Mr Ahmed": With fanart!

    Politics and info

  • Sexism: A reference chart: Handy!
  • 6 ways to keep terrorists from ruining world: A good article from Cracked!
  • Better Identification of Viking Corpses Reveals: Half of the Warriors Were Female: Hahaha, YES! I CALLED it! More or less. I theorised! Looking at the source, it only really supports that a third were female with "half" being the highest estimate, but that's still good!
  • People of Colour in European Art History: Because immigration is nowhere near new! I've heard some criticisms of the site though, so take it with a pinch of salt.
  • False rape accusations: from propaganda to reality: Deconstructing that stupid infographic on rape. I can't believe people believed that one...
  • A list of violent crimes perpetrated by self-proclaimed feminists and feminist groups: Varying degrees of crazy, but buried in there is that Feminist groups have opposed positive legal changes (e.g. gender-neutral rape laws). Do you REALISE how hard that is to fix?!? Damn it...


  • John Kenn's art: Monsters and people. Edward-Gorey-esque style. Rather funny expressions (to me). Worth a look!
  • Out of the Hat: I can't get over how awesome that description's little poem is!
  • Skyfall: Song by a friend of mine. It's good!
  • Ship Your Enemies Glitter: And it really works!
  • Erik Johansson's photography: Neat.
  • What Brits mean: I know I keep linking these, but they're the only lists like this that I find accurate.
  • The Goblin Pony: A classic kelpie tale.
  • Better Myths: Myths retold in funny. Worth a look!
  • Monday, August 25th, 2014
    1:13 pm
    Comics and Tumblr
    Updating comics (and examples from)
  • Two Guys And Guy: Entertaining comic about 3 characters! Much implication of violence. 'S funny.
  • Curio: Strange (and somewhat horror-y) comic. Check it out if you like the art style!
  • Chaos Life: Funny comics about the artist's life!
  • Gendered choices: Haha, yes.
  • Poorly Drawn Lines: Check this comic out, it is weird and funny!
  • Sarah's Scribbles: Ah, life! Check 'em out! Especially this one about being female and not wanting kids because SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS MY PAIN!
  • A comic about artistic limitations: A comic about drawing comics. Pretty true.
  • Fly swatter: You must check out Iguanamouth's comics! More examples linked in Tumblr section.
  • The undeniable link between video games and violence: Gasp!
  • Awkward Zombie on cat allergies: Seems about right!

  • Halloween kitten comic: Adorable one-shot!
  • His Face All Red: One-shot horror comic!
  • Let's take on sexism (all of it): Nicely done equality comic, yay!

  • The artist V the audience: Accurate!
  • Of being female and not wanting kids: SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS MY PAIN!
  • MFW looking at porn: YES!
  • Brilliant ad campaign: Though the jukebox one cracks me up.
  • Brakken's tumblr: Cute Pokémon animations, Homestuck fanart, and more!
  • Temperatures around the world: Scroll down for England!
  • In case of emergency: Funny!
  • Feminism for fire departments: In case I didn't link it before!
  • Replying to "justified" bullying: Bullying = No.
  • Leaving the internet: ...I have this RIGHT NOW!
  • Deep sea mermaids: Yes!
  • Entering a fandom: Maybe a little...
  • History humour: So cool!
  • Iguanas as pets: Pet-owner humour.
  • Uterus adventures: Joy.
  • Cute strangers: Sitting nearby.
  • Flower crowns: Wobbly animation is cute!
  • Lady knights: Cool variety!
  • When NOTPs...

    Misc pics
  • Adding monsters to thrift store paintings: Nice!
  • Photos of hares running: Shot so that you can see individual hares running in one photo!
  • 1:07 pm
    Pony, parody, and politics/etc

  • Liar Lyre: Ha, pun!
  • Protopony Catch: Aww, cute!
  • Breezee Taek vs Spiders: Haha, what?
  • Southern Belle AJ: Tumblr comic starring Applejack!
  • Meet The Pones: More ponies by Dilarus (Southern Belle AJ's creator)!

    Parody & wtf (yay)

  • 6 male characters we never get to see in movies: Funny! Though #5 is a big part of why I didn't like Borgen.
  • Ubisoft Game review: Nice.
  • The International Jurassic Park Erotic Fan-Fiction Writer's Association: Brilliant!


    Politics and info

  • Love is Respect: Nice site on relationships.
  • Porn studies: Handy links!
  • Are we teaching our kids to be dumb?: A look at what we're really teaching kids.
  • This is why you're broke: The economy.
  • Pride kiss cop: Aww!
  • Do bras prevent breast sagging? Why we're having the wrong conversation: Article on not shaming breasts!
  • Women need to be educated about sexual consent: Both giving AND getting. Some weird conclusions towards the end but cites important examples and the topic is important.
  • Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex: A nice article.
  • "I waited until my wedding night to lose my virginity and I wish I hadn't": Sad story!
  • 21 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Depressed: Actually a pretty accurate list!

    A lyre made from a human skull: Morbid but kind of lovely, no?
  • 1:05 pm
    Vids and music vids!
    Music vids!

  • Doctor Who does the Time Warp: Well done parody!
  • J Pee - I'M NOT GAY: Funny!
  • Fuck me in the ass 'cause I love Jesus: Song!
  • Let eet Go: TF2 meets Frozen!
  • Metal construction: YES! Short and silly but fun!
  • China mocking Korea: Fun music vid! I can stop listening whenever I want to.

  • Ladies Knight: Great little cartoon! With songs!


  • Old Spice ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Brilliant!
  • David Blaine Street Magic: YouTube Edition: Parody!
  • Balloon room prank: I want to do this...!
  • 53 Terrible Jokes: Fun!
  • Contact juggling: Crazy!
  • Dancing 3D printed octopoid robot: So joyful!
  • Kung Fury: Awesome badass craziness!

    Songs stuck in my head lately: Bridget O'Malley, that Chopsticks Brothers song, Platina Jazz's Sailor Moon, Soldiers of the Night, Morning Mist, and Pegasus Device.

    Oh, and Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms: Sweet folk song from the early 1800s saying how ageing doesn't change love.
  • Saturday, May 24th, 2014
    3:34 pm
    Pony post!
    Because I do that sometimes.

  • Ayasha the Pony: Tumblr about a shaman pony, raised by buffalo, and her time with friends (including Discord).
  • Slice of Life: Cute comic starring slightly-older Cake twins, Pound and Pumpkin!
  • Heartstrings: A story starring Lyra, who wakes up as a pony in a forest and is helped by BonBon.
  • Scootalloo's Scootaquest: Odd and very talky but worth a look! It's up to Scoot to save the day when Ponyville starts to come down with a mysterious illness!
  • When Villains Win: Poor Chrysalis didn't foresee success! A cute and strange comic. With shipping.

  • Vinyl and Canni go to GalaCon '14: GalaCon has awesome ads!
  • YTP: Canterlot High hits a new low: Woo!
  • Dragon [SFM]: Dash takes on a dragon in 3D! Short clip.

  • Pony lumen: 3D pony creator, great on the expressions!
  • Evening Star - Friendship is Magic: Because I had trouble refinding this song for a bit there!
  • Sorcerland: Seems to be a platformer that includes a pony character!
  • 3:17 pm
    Politics and vids! Woo!
    Politics and info:
  • British public wrong about nearly everything: A survey on what the British public know about the real stats. Turns out: Not much...
  • We Have Always Fought: Women through history and a great analogy of the power of stereotypes using scaly llamas!
  • Bilbo Baggins is a girl: A method of getting stories about strong female protagonists who don't make an issue of their gender.
  • What's it like being LGBT around the world?: Some stories!
  • How Benevolent Sexism Hurts Us All: Good little article.
  • BDSM correlated with better mental health: Strange =/= Unhealthy!

    More British problems!

  • Rollin' Safari: If animals were round!
  • Scientifically Accurate Spongebob Squarepants intro: Yay!
  • Cockatiel sings My Neighbour Totoro!
  • Penguin slips on ice: And then an adorable noise!
  • My Period Story: I can't work out of if Xiaorishu is more adorable or creepy. It's pretty fun!
  • Weird Al's "Since You've Been Gone": For a quick dose of Weird Al unplugged!
  • Centipede Song: Some love for House centipedes! And an article for good measure!
  • Thursday, April 17th, 2014
    9:05 pm
    Art, pics, vids, and such.
    Art and pics and stuff:

  • 33 Unbelievable Places: Nice photo set!
  • Cool window decals: Made using vinyl records!
  • 21 Stereotype-Exploding Facts About the Middle East: Yay!
  • 21 British Problems: Funny.
  • Origami penguins!
  • 3D Dragon (paper illusion)!
  • SuburbanBeatnik's DA: Historically-accurate Disney outfits!
  • Shoomlah's DA: More historically-accurate Disney outfits!

    Serious side note: I've mention that I worry about people not thinking, getting hyped over folk devils, and the effects this might have, right? I continue to be concerned.

    Vids (and much music):

  • Moses: Cute animation of a ghost girl with dancing shoes!
  • Les Beaux Frères - Les Serviettes: Like DJ Ozma's Drinkin' Boys if it were fancy and done by 2 clever French men!
  • WTF Happened to Movie Posters?: A good analysis!
  • Team Starkid: I've linked them before, but I Wanna Be (a Starship Ranger) has been stuck in my head lately.
  • Funky Towel: Singing cockroaches!
  • World War G: Pretty fabulous!
  • Tongue Twister Rap: Pretty cool!
  • Sugar Sweet Nightmare (cover): Ah, feelsy at the end there, Bakemonogatari...
  • Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks : Seems legit!
  • Eye of the Tiger on a Dot Matrix Printer: Like it says!
  • Doctor Who theme on 8 floppy drives: Also like it says!
  • Gay Chicken: Kollektivet short!

    Oh, and Watching Sex: How Men Really Respond to Pornography, because I was going to buy it, changed my mind, but still wonder if people couldn't learn from it.
  • Tuesday, February 18th, 2014
    2:41 pm
    Ponies, vids (music too), and games, and some info and other stuff because TOO MANY BOOKMARKS!

  • Muffins the Musical: A wonderful little musical short about Ponyville's mailmare! Not animation, so starring human-Derpy, but hey! Still awesome.
  • ÆØÅ (Size Matters): Music video about alphabet size!
  • Don't Be Slappin' My Penis: Song!
  • Superheroes Can't Be Gay: More Kollektivet!
  • Compliments: And more Kollektivet! I like them. Norwegian Lonely Island.
  • Woman being followed by a stampede of rabbits: A stampede of ADORABLE!
  • Ashens and the Quest for the GameChild: Entertaining enough, and mostly I'm happy that YouTubers are making films at this level!


  • Bad Days superheroes: Funny, derpy, superheroes in animated shorts!
  • Reversal of the Heart: Animation about a dragon's curse.
  • Let It Go with the Lich King: Arthus is best Disney princess!
  • SPACE PONY: Pony parody of a Sexual-Lobster's song!
  • Romeo & Juliet Sealed with a Kiss: Not so bad. Modernised the dialogue but had Shakespeare references and I like the use of seal noises!
  • Meeting a Gyarados trainer: Short looped animation!
  • The 12 Rapes of Christmas: Not QUITE as controversial as it sounds...! Abused jackalope furry sings about his Christmas. NSFW.
  • Dakimakura for Christmas: NSFW Comix Christmas song featuring a Brony, haha.
  • Fuck Machine: Mindless Self Indulgence cartoon


  • The Mansion: Play as Trixie trying to survive a deadly mansion, choose-your-own-adventure style!!
  • Goat Simulator: Now a REAL GAME!
  • Escape Goat: Speaking of goat games... Have a demo of a goat platformer!
  • Brain Maker: Sort of a game? Just try, I found it fun!

    Misc pony:

  • Nineteen Neighty-Four: Twilight wants to rebel against the repressive regime of niceness!
  • The Pony On The Wall: Strange horror (starring Pinkie and Big Mac's daughter).
  • Ask Palette: Selection of stories about an artist pony! New blog doesn't seem to be up so I'm linking this one.
  • A Pony a Day: Art tumblr with daily ponies!
  • Docs in a Box: Buncha Doctor Whooveses and their art styles on one blog because TIMESPACE!
  • Pony Noir: I just like this pic.


  • PornMD: "The below interactive infographic shows the top 10 most commonly searched terms on porn sites over a 6 month period." - It's fun!
  • Bras make breasts sag: BWAHAHAHAHA, I WIN!
  • BioWare staff on perceived sexism: Because someone felt that allowing same-sex relationships in a game ruins the experience for straight males.
  • Gagging Bill passed: Well, that sucks.

    Misc misc:

  • 21 Amazing Hotels: ...But which would be the best setting for a zombie apocalypse?
  • An Open Letter From a Death Star Architect: Speaks for itself.
  • Chubby beast after pears: Cute!
  • Thursday, February 13th, 2014
    1:57 am
    Comics, image sets, and fandom stuff
    No vids or ponies because I need to limit awesomeness somewhat!

  • Ménage á 3: Fun comic with lots of sex! A sad lack of respect for relationships but it's still fun.
  • Sticky Dilly Buns: Ma3 spin-off with extra cuteness so far!
  • Wish You Were Here: Dark and NSFW comic about surviving in a post-pseudo-zombie-apocalypse world.
  • Sharkmaid and Cuttlemaid: Great Tumblr all round, but one must check out the merpeople stories!
  • A shark answers his door on Halloween: Trick-or-treaters!
  • No Rides Left: A short, dark, gory, little comic that entertains me.
  • Life with anxiety disorders: In comic form!


    Image sets!
  • 8 Steps to Making a Super Cool Bulbasaur Costume: Perfect!
  • OBJECT HEADS: A Japanese anti-piracy ad featured these hotties.
  • London Underground Signs Made Funny: Vandalism should always be like this.
  • Codex Seraphinianus (I didn't bother with the vid, linking for pics): I wish this book weren't so pricey!
  • Little girl at a tea party with some tarantulas (serving them tea): Parenting win (arachnophobia helps no one).
  • Cosplay baby: Awesome despite my fear of babies.
  • Secretly nerdy mansion: Go look!

    Fandom (1 Metalocalypse, 1 FF, then some Sherlock)
  • Quhzk: It's the sound the best Metalocalypse Tumblr makes, no?
  • Final Fantasy fan did some awesome figures (and then got told not to, but go see)
  • Auto-Correct: Linking my favourite JohnLock fic again because it doesn't seem to be updating despite promises...
  • Janine knows what type of man Sherlock is!
  • Sherlock doesn't beg (Yes)
  • Why would Sherlock... (Much yes!)
  • Sexual Behaviours in the UK: ...I'm okay with this.
  • BUTTERFLY! (The otter thing doesn't get old)
  • Tuesday, January 21st, 2014
    11:53 pm
    Random stuff (as per usual)

  • Derpy Nyan Nyan dance!: Awww!
  • Ask Princess MOLEstia: You know you want to!
  • RIP APM blog!

  • Disney gender-swaps: Whee!
  • Tangled gender-swap: Yes!
  • Critical Hit review Frozen: Yes. I wasn't impressed and this is a lot of why.
  • Disney's Frozen's ethnic diversity: Meets realism (it wasn't all white).

    Fandom/Sherlock stuff
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Overzealous Fanbase: Rise of the fandom, people!
  • When canon kills fanon: Wise words!
  • Moffat job = Why?: Basically.
  • Like, why?: Why so much boring sexism?
  • Why Irene Adler, Moffat?: Why?
  • Original Adler: Forever.
  • Benedict Cumbergraph

  • Imran Khan Answers Questions About Being Gay: Funny!
  • Sympathy for Slenderman: Song!
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2: Haha, wut?
  • Cat-men: Weird cat food ads showing why cats get to be cats and humans, generally, don't!
  • Sexy Layton: And sexy Luke.
  • Mesmerising how-it's-made gifs: Oooh...

  • 7 reasons you should stop bitching about people on benefits: Seriously.
  • Why we're more creative when we're tired and [more]: Not all great (compare the diagram of #5 to #10) but some cool stuff!
  • Doctor Who VS Arachnophobia: Yay!
  • Crappy wasp meme fixed!

  • Ghosts of the US: Pic-form!
  • When was the last time I linked furry stuff? Cute chubby/inflation canine couple by QueenFrau!
  • Shingeki no Sad feels: :(
  • Ducks: Some facts.
  • Loki has a drink: Avengers scene!
  • Baby Grimers: They is scared.
  • Fun with gender identity diagrams!
  • Reinderp set: That's what I'm calling it. Silly reindeer!
  • Kids' drawings redone by an adult: Neat. [Ebaumsworld? Ew... Oh well, not like anyone else reads this anyway.]
  • James Blunt winning at Twitter
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