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Arranged by score/alphabet.

Awkward Zombie 9/10
  • I actually really enjoyed these. Cute cartoony comics, with game and film references, that can be enjoyable even though they're by a girl! Yes, I know many on my list are, but there aren't enough good gamer comics by chicks. Don't know why I didn't take more links... It's good! Go look!
  • Repairing armour in World of Warcraft

    Nedroid.com 9/10
  • How did it take me so long to find this? RANDOM and weird, occasional storylines, general FUN!
  • Gentlemen... Get me dinosaur warlock! + Last panel
  • Beartato won't share
  • Grammar is examined
  • A comic about PLATYPUSES
  • Bad kicking experience

    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal 9/10
  • Bunch of mostly 1-panel comics, cute art, brightly coloured, generally a fun read! Expect some twisted humour though!
  • Charlie and his gran
  • A couple discuss their relationship

    The World Wasn't Meant 9/10
  • Fun little photographic comic about a household. I enjoyed reading through it! It also confirms I'm not the only one who's had a pint of rum in 1 night.
  • Lima Oscar Lima!
  • In matters of love
  • Mostly for the last panel

    Buttersafe 8/10
  • Cute little simple comics, pretty random, rather enjoyable.
  • Perceptions
  • For the epilogue
  • Heehee, I like this theory.
  • A flower
  • Butterfly + Awesomeness
  • I'm a sucker for these references
  • A god visits a couple!

    The Comic Adventures of Left and Right 8/10
  • Oh-so RANDOM and WEIRD but I kinda love it!
  • Salad
  • Political comic
  • Cure
  • Pirates

    Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell 8/10
  • PLOT COMIC. Not far yet, but in a world where fantasy shares apartments with reality, we find Darwin. And Skittles, his housemate and/or pet, who is adorable. It's not got far yet but so far I find it endearing. LOOK AT SKITTLES! AWWW! Link is to page 1.

    Dawn of Time 8/10
  • PLOT COMIC! Odd. About a wild girl in a land of dinosaurs, time travellers, and... A bunch of other people. Cute and mysterious! Extra point for showing potential.

    Lucid TV 8/10
  • So far a short but FUN set of comics focused around the joys of doctors and malpractice!
  • A woman's been shot!
  • It's funny and my friend pointed out how much that guy looks like David Tennant

    Amazing Super Powers 7/10
  • Cute little cartoony comics, almost worth it entirely for the animated critter on the title.
  • In which 2 men discuss losing their jobs to machines.

    Comics by Patrick Alexander 7/10
  • RANDOM! Or just an awkward layout... I'm lost, but entertained!
  • Twilight's author meets her Mary Sue's love

    Gunnerkrigg Court 8/10
  • PLOT! This is a story about pent up sexual frustrations between school girls. There is also nice art, an enchanting part-mythological, part-sci-fi, part-original world and a tale of mystery. A bit too much destiny and Mary-Sue-esque "wow I'm a natural at THIS too" but! This can be overlooked for fun humour, the amazing setting, some fun characters, and the hotness that's clearly brewing between the 2 main girls.
  • It's a plot comic, but here's one of the main chick getting saved (and again swept off her feet) by her macho mechanical-genius girlfriend. Reading into the "friendship" made the whole story FAR more enjoyable for me to read, but it was good anyway!

    The Book of Biff 7/10
  • Weird 1-panel comics about Biff. Biff is bald with crazy eyebrows and mouth. It's not apparent if he is even human. These comics are odd but a nice read.
  • Wonder when it became standard that genies grant wishes and nothing else? But yeah, this comic's about a wish.

    Chester 5000 XYV 7/10
  • PLOT COMIC. Sexual scenes as it's about a robotic butler/sex toy. Link is to page 1. Author is planning more. Quite unique art. Less sold on the plot but I DO like the setting.

    KinokoFry 7/10
  • Strange little comics, largely focused around a group of anthropomorphised mushrooms. What's not to love? Short so far! And an extra point for originality!
  • I like this one! Totally mature!

    Married To The Sea 7/10
  • A bit hit and miss but I enjoyed reading these captioned images for the most part! Worth a look!
  • Here's the archive of October 2009. Give the first one a look at least!

    Cat Rackham 6/10
  • Short, weird, occasional short stories... Odd art... Brightly coloured. It's cute with hints of twisted.
  • Aww, peaceful.

    Gunshow 6/10
  • Cute pictures, some hit and miss comics. Generally enjoyable, so in your own time? If you feel like it? I couldn't manage the "other comics" category, too long and not enough laughs...
  • 2 girls sharing a cup
  • Cute little chibi Rorschach from Watchmen; him as a kid.
  • Ghost ship, sad story. Aw.
  • What I consider the best comic on the whole site. Good job Liam!
  • Oh, and if you wander off to here you'll find some good stand alone comics, like this House one! Aw!

    The Loneliest Astronauts 6/10
  • 2 men stranded in space. No sex but I still like it! It's cute and original. And so far pretty short. Shows some signs of plot.

    The Meek 6/10
  • PLOT COMIC! A nude chick in a land of travellers... Um... Politics... Yeah. It's not got very far yet BUT the art's nice and I recommend giving it until you see her "grandfather" flashback.

    Dresden Codak 5/10
  • DAMN this comic BABBLES a lot. Lots and lots of text. A different art style and maybe that'll win you over, but I find it too long-winded.
  • A babbly but enjoyable example
  • I like this table! I think Double Shyamalan-Science is my favourite.

    The Intrepid Girlbot 5/10
  • PLOT COMIC. I think the servers need a look at (I had to return to the site several times over a few days to read the whole story, despite it being short so far), but the art's alright. Orange theme. Raccoon. Hints of the plot growing into something impressive.

    Love Me Nice 5/10
  • PLOT COMIC. In a world of cartoon-human relationships... Uh... Weird things are going on? I'm not sure if this is going anywhere fun, it's pretty short at the moment... But I'm interested, so the link gets up here.

    Pictures for sad children 4/10
  • PLOT COMIC. Mostly. Very long, had its moments but I'm not sure I'm glad I read through the whole thing...
  • A cat moves in.

    Wondermark 4/10
  • Another set of captioned prints, but it isn't Married To The Sea. Or as enjoyable. More prone to babble, took AGES to read through the archives and largely I regret bothering. Still, had its moments! Mostly when the text is unrelated to the pictures though...
  • Man has been ATTACKED, but is being CHARGED!
  • Kid has read the OT
  • Same tunes used, ahhh!
  • Okay, THIS is awesome. Make your own story!
  • The OTHER side of the magic beans

    Ta-da! ...Ow, my eyes...
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